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70 000 steps/week in the GP‑challenge

We are in the middle of the March GP-challenge – a challenge which encourages us all to move more and to ”peppa” varandra in it. I chose to walk 70,000 steps every week because I thought it would be the easier option. Well, it's turning out to be more challenging than I thought.

The challenge was proposed by Hanna who set up two different challenges for us to choose between; 70, 000 steps every week or to run 5K below 30 min.

I chose to walk 70, 000 steps every week and have now realized that the hard part is not walking the 10 000 steps, but rather to find the time to do it.

Good-to-know: 10 000 steps is equivalent to about 8km.

So after almost 3 weeks I have written down 5 tips (that I’m going to use for the last week of march) for making time to walk 10,000 steps.

- Lunch walks is a must. Take a 30 minute walk and then eat your lunch. Or go somewhere to eat that’s at least a 15-20 minute walk away. Or even better – eat your lunch during your walk.
- If you don't already have a dog, consider borrowing one for a week or two. You get a lot of steps through this. And the company is wonderful!
- If you are working from the office: Walk to work.
- If you are working from the office: Walk home from work.
- Weekends are the prime time for walking. A Saturday afternoon walk and a Sunday stroll. 8,000-10,000 steps for every stroll.

And then, you should be close to 10 000 steps/day.

That’s all for now, keep an eye out on our instagram stories over at @grandpublic for more updates on the GP-challenge.

And if you’re up for it – join us in walking 10 000 steps a day!

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