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Refining the identity of Sweden’s leading bicycle brand

Crescent has a long history in Sweden. The company was started in 1894. Since then, the company has rolled out bikes from the factory in Varberg to generations of Swedes. Safety and quality have always been the highest priority. As a result, fifty-year-old bikes can still be spotted on the streets around the country.

Today, in the era of e-bikes, Crescent has the lofty ambition to become a leading Scandinavian mobility innovator – a bold step for the company and an important contribution to the development of sustainable societies. Grand Public’s role has been to carefully adapt the visual identity to suit the needs of today's digital landscape, retail spaces, and product design while keeping a strong link to Crescent’s roots and heritage.

An iconic pattern

The pepita pattern has been a part of Crescent’s DNA for more than 50 years and has widespread recognition. The pattern has evolved following design trends through the decades. For the launch of the new e-bike program in 2023, Grand Public carefully updated the pattern inspired by the classic 60s era and gave it a new placement on the frames. We also created an outlined version for a more subtle brand presence in various applications.

An extensive implementation

The new visual identity has been implemented throughout Crescent’s touchpoints, from the website and campaigns to retail concepts and the physical bikes. In addition to the logo, the main visual elements are the well-recognized orange brand color and the pepita checkered pattern. The new typography also builds a strong personality and presence.

The crown of the brand

Part of the collaboration with Crescent was to also implement the refreshed visual identity on the actual bikes. Four key areas were defined and designed. The front and rear forks have a subtle pepita pattern on the inside. The logo is carefully matched to each frame’s color, and the revised pepita symbol is added to the saddle pole.

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