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HEAD Hunted Padel Team

HEAD are reputed for their cutting-edge design, engineering excellence and a passion for championing all sport, everywhere. Grand Public works with HEAD in Sweden and the Nordics.

Meanwhile, the sport has firmly established itself with licensed players and the formation of new associations. While the initial hype may have subsided, padel has proven its staying power, firmly rooted in the landscape of sports. That's where HEAD Hunted Padel Team comes into play.


HEAD's brief was… well, brief, yet very clear and to the point: embody their mission statement “bring high performance to every athlete - professional and amateur - to allow them to be the best they can be”.

And so we did.


Padel is a well-established sport in many parts of the world. As padel sky-rocketed in Sweden a few years ago, experience, structure and community has lagged behind. HEAD Hunted Padel Team is part of the solution to these teething problems, feeding this baby to grow big and strong.

To position HEAD as a leading brand in the Swedish padel community, aspiring amateur players were recruited to realise their dream of becoming the best they can possibly be. With top level coaching, structured training and second-to-none equipment, their story will be a new campfire reheating the padel community.


8 aspiring padel players are carefully selected and paired from the many applicants streaming in through social media. With weekly practices individually - jointly and with a professional coach, the latest and greatest gear from HEAD and the end goal of reaching as far as possible at Premium Padel Open, these players will be drilled to get skilled.

Throughout the season, the padel community will be able to follow the players' progress where they get hands on HEAD gear, tips from the coach and ultimately the chance to join next season's HEAD Hunted Padel Team.

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