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A redesign to match world champions and everyday heroes

Craft Sportswear is a Swedish brand specializing in clothing and gear for endurance sports where performance and comfort are crucial for optimal result. Working closely with elite athletes and constantly developing new materials and technical solutions, Craft offers innovative training and competition apparel and footwear for world champions and everyday heroes.

Our mission was to advance the Craft brand into the future, guided by the client's desire to build an inspiring brand with international appeal. Specifically, the task was to identify the core of the brand and highlight its unique Nordic heritage, and then use these qualities to create global impact in the immediate future and beyond. A process that included both brand- and product strategies as well as concretization and design of these concepts.


A vital part of the updated brand identity is the refined logotype. It has been given a careful and considered refresh making it more clean, distinct and timeless. The new version is very well balanced, dynamic and impactful and still has a lot of the original character.


The Craft symbol.

Logo Application

Brand Colors

We work and exist in a world were trends come and go. And the wheels are spinning faster and faster. Working on a long-term mission of building the brand Craft have settled on a steady base of grey tones where their products can shine.

But they have to shine in the details. We have created the Craft Northern Light color as their brand color but decided to only use it for the small details, the ones that make you fall in love.

Product Communication Concept


Craft Sans is unique typeface drawn by Göran Söderström (Letters from Sweden) in close collaboration with Craft. Craft Sans is a font that builds on a forward motion. Like the body during workout.

The Craft brand is defined by a clean typographic style and expression. The typographic principles are based on function, format and purpose. They maintain a distinctive look and feel across all art forms.


Craft has their own uniqe icon library. They are used across different brand touchpoints, from marketing to enviroment to product. They provide symbolism, conceptual clarity and visual interest.

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