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X Shore

Global launch of the X Shore 1

X Shore is the Swedish climate technology and electric boat company behind a game-changing generation of fully-electric, silent and connected boats. We where was assigned to take lead in the launch of X Shore’s new model, the X Shore 1 – a smaller boat at a more accessible price point aimed to reach a broader market and thus accelerate the transition to sustainable boating.


X Shore challenged us to build a brand and communication strategy that would garner buzz, reach, engagement and conversion for the launch of the X Shore 1, whilst positioning the brand as a confident and progressive game-changer in a conservative industry.


The solution landed in a concept simply called “Shhh”. A claim on silence, powerful enough to make noise. Inspired by the power and silence of X Shore’s electrical vessels and tied closely to the very essence of the brand – to be one with nature.



The campaign’s creative outtakes played on the Scandinavian, modest yet confident expression, significant for Sweden's and X Shore's know-how in sustainability, tech and design. During its lifespan of six weeks, this well-preserved secret silently sliced through the white noise to create curiosity and engagement around the world, embodying "The Power of Silence".

Global assets were produced and carefully distributed in own, earned and paid channels, hinting and teasing about X Shore’s biggest secret – all climaxing in a live broadcast keynote reveal as embargo was released for media, influencers, stakeholders, retailers and staff.


During the week of launch, PR value corresponded to an equivalent of over €3MM and expected number of boats sold was exceeded by a significant margin (number is unofficial).

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