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Strong brands come with a twist. A visual something that challenges the mind.

Grand Public is a design-driven brand agency that brings companies closer to people. Using strategy and design combined with a strong focus on digital solutions, we create routes where ideas can travel and grow into visual communication concepts.

So what do you get when teaming up with us? For starters, a partner who believes in big thinking. An ally who dares to aim high and work hard to achieve your goals. Someone special who won't try to change who you are, but rather refine your present qualities. But most of all you get a skilled pathfinder who will guide your brand on its most important journey – the trip to the mind.

Because that's where it all takes place. The confluence of brands and people. The emotions and preferences. The decisions. They all roam this coveted destination. Best of all, the next departure is just moments away.

The journey

Our brand journeys always begin on the inside. Right at the core.

We focus on strategic brand development designed to create tangible business benefits. Regardless of brand size, our work always takes off at the core. Sometimes we develop the brand's values, other times we use its existing principles and build the brand from there. Invariably we dig deep to learn more about the brand, its strengths and weaknesses, its products and target groups – yes, its very essence.

In a workshop setting we collaborate closely with the client to define clear-cut objectives as well as a vision to strive for. And of course also a roadmap – a strategy – to reach these goals.

Using brand communication and usually some kind of digital innovation, our work can result in anything from creative design concepts for exhibition stands to digital apps and sleek printed publications. However, no matter what we do the focus is always on creating cost-efficient and business-driven solutions.

Business benefits

Great brand communication creates a unique experience. As well as substantial business benefits.

Just like each brand is unique, so is every communication concept. Or at least it should be. Because the way we see it, the creation of a great brand experience is about doing the right things for your specific brand. And based on the overall strategy, we create visual communication shaped to provide tangible business benefits for your unique brand.

Beyond the ordinary

True digital innovation engages consumers and drives awareness. And reaches beyond the ordinary.

Digital innovation is about how we can develop your business digitally. That is using digital media to create substantial business benefits. For us a website is not a static online brochure, but rather a dynamic meeting place that should render concrete benefits such as leads, increased sales or a chance for you to visit new clients. Used correctly, digital innovation can be a beautiful tool to engage your target group and create devoted brand ambassadors. You should always expect this – the tangible business benefits. From us or from whomever you choose as your partner in visual communication.

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