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A lifestyle destination with an international atmosphere

Sturegallerian is located in downtown Stockholm, between Stureplan and Grev Turegatan. It’s an ever-changing destination with a curated selection of lifestyle goods, restaurants, and havens for health and well-being. The international atmosphere and the ancient architecture have made the Sturegalleria a popular meeting place for over a century. The team at Sturegallerian asked Grand Public to rework the brand identity, adding distinct and ownable visual assets. In addition, they needed guidelines on how to work with their visual identity to achieve a uniform impression of the brand, regardless of context and platform. Sturegallerian also asked us for an overarching creative concept as a foundation for brand building and communication across all touchpoints.

We’ve added Grand Publics touch to Sturegallerian's web, social media, physical environments, printed advertising, logo, color palette, typography, imagery, patterns, presentations, gift cards, bags, and more.


Grand Public refreshed the appearance of Sturegallerian’s iconic logotype with crisp and contemporary features, refined the proportions and made it better suited for digital use.

Building a yellow color world

The bright, sophisticated warm yellow color is associated with luxury, fashion, and continental sunshine. Today, you can hardly miss the yellow color when visiting Sturegallerian at its physical location or online presence.

A portal to the world

The arch shape embodies a portal through which we can be transported into an alternate place where we can experience a continental mindset, pulse, and flavors. The arch is an elegant and stable shape that brings associations to luxury and historic buildings. It’s central to Sturegallerian’s architecture. We’ve designed the arch as a flexible framework for communication to be used more discreetly or as a main part of images and displays.

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