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A yellow approach to digital innovation

Iver is a leading provider of cloud-based IT services. With technical expertise and a deep understanding of their client’s business, Iver helps drive digital transformation. The collaboration with Grand Public began with Iver having grown through several acquisitions, which meant their employees did not share clear values or goals. Secondly, Iver wanted to shift their business away from operations and expand their cloud consultancy offering.

Through extensive interviews and close collaboration with the client, we redefined all parts of the brand platform strategically and visually to bring the company together and communicate a single consistent, strong brand externally.

The Iver way

Iver believes that companies need to treat technology as a key driver of value, growth, and innovation. They help their customers align goals and strategies from any starting point. This is the Iver way. Summed up as a brand promise, we say, “Beside you, Behind you, Before you”. Meaning that Iver has the client’s back, that they work cooperatively to create meaningful change and growth, and that they stay at the forefront of technical innovation

Colourful communication

Iver is not big blue. Iver is yellow. This means Iver is not limited by bureaucracy – a fact we wanted to make evident in their visual identity. It’s designed to signal that Iver is a warm and welcoming business partner.
The illustrations allow Iver to communicate about technology simply and humanly, making content more enjoyable and Iver more approachable. The illustration style combines graphic shapes derived from Iver’s symbol with hand-drawn illustrations. The graphic language can be used on its own without hand-drawn illustrations. This is especially suitable for small formats such as digital banners.

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