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Designing an online experience for a bicycle brand

A redesign and overhaul of the Crescent website. Implemented with an updated visual identity. Leveraging our love for bicycles and in-depth understanding of the cycling industry, we approached the project with a focus on the needs of bicycle buyers.

Our primary objective was to enhance the visibility of crucial information to aid customers in selecting the right bike, while also infusing the website with greater inspiration and educational value through flexible design elements.


User-friendly navigation with focus on touch points and contextual images to enhance clarity.

Content reels

Displaying content in reels offers a space-efficient and engaging way to present information, perfect for touch devices and is adaptable for various uses such as product cards and articles.

Product page

To enhance the shopping experience for bicycle buyers, product images and information are displayed side by side for a quick overview. The product specification, selected features, and details are presented clearly, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.


The collage empowers the creation of storytelling and feature feeds in an interesting and easy way.

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