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Moments when we manage to live exactly here and now

The Muurikka Story began in the late 1970s with an idea about a large frying pan for out-door use. After some refinement of the idea, the first Muurikka Pan was born, fashioned from the inspection hatch of a steel container. A new word “muurinpohjapannu” or “muurikkapannu” was thus coined for the Finnish vernacular. Today Muurikka is often used as the generic name for outdoor pans in Finland, and also in Sweden.

Muurikka is on a journey to become a dynamic innovator, expanding the horizons of outdoor cooking by developing products that create a special atmosphere, moving beyond mere nourishment to foster a memorable experience outdoors.

Creative Concept

“What’s Cooking?” invites everyone to join a growing community of people who already discovered the beauty of cooking and spending time together outdoors.

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