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The ultimate match‑up with Prince

Snif is a direct-to-consumer parfumerie, specializing in crafting genderless luxury fragrances. Also known for playful and buzzy collaborations. For this project, Snif teamed up with the heritage racket manufacturer brand Prince to launch a brand new fragrance. We teamed up with Snif to together serve up a new limited-edition fragrance from Snif by embodying court-side cool. We call it Ace Ace Baby.

Ace Ace Baby is an ode to champions and sidelines-sipping spectators alike. Guaranteed to give you—or whomever you’re rooting for—the confidence to serve aces. We created this concept to be a tribute to mixed doubles, a lob to the fun of not just sharing a scent but also the same side of the court. A scent that captures the feeling of serving an ace. This new scent launched as the perfect serve during the Miami Open.

The brief was to develop a visual and communicational concept for execution in product design, packaging design, ideas, and communication for the launch campaign and merchandise. The product and packaging designs are inspired by the vibrant blue courts of the Miami Open and the classic yellow tennis ball, seamlessly blended with a contemporary flair.

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