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Celebrating design with extraordinary care and consideration

Swedese makes furniture for homes and public spaces. With the collection Swedese Care they specifically target healthcare environments. We were asked to develop a concept, a catalog, and a campaign that focused on the importance of beautiful environments that contribute to well-being, for people of all ages and in all situations in life.

Furniture for life

Consideration for the human body is an important element of Swedese’s furniture design – it always has been. This is particularly evident in the Care range, with its extra attention to the needs of users. In every part of the campaign, we have chosen to emphasize the important correlation between design and well-being.

Care in every detail

Swedese Care is largely about bespoke adaptations to particularly demanding environments. By getting every detail right, to make a space feel tailored to the people who use it. Some of the Care details have become firm favourites with architects, care recipients and health professionals alike.

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