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A unified and elevated in-store brand experience

Our brief was to create a modular retail system for Crescent’s resellers. The aim was to promote Crescent’s E-bikes in a new premium way and build brand awareness around Crescent by taking a more prominent position in retail. A position where Crescent’s visual elements, combined with brand communication and Crescent’s premium E-bikes, create an area that encourages exploration within the product range and opportunities to get to know the brand.

A scalable system

The new retail system is modular and flexible so that Crescent resellers can create a personalized retail system tailored to their store. It’s designed to work for shop-in-shop solutions and add attractive communication and campaign areas.

A clear presence

The elements of the retail system are selected and combined with great care. The dark colors used for all foundation elements make the E-bikes stand out. Effective use of elements in Crescent’s orange brand color provide a clear contrast and visibility against the black. The selected details in brushed metal give a distinct sense of precision and add to the premium feel.

Going digital

The concept includes a large vertical touch screen, allowing customers to interact with and explore the products themselves. This creates flexibility for store personnel and elevates the retail experience for customers. It also opens up new ways to map customer behavior patterns and preferences – an essential step in digitalizing the retail experience and connecting the online and physical world.

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